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Sixth Tide Turning ☠ Voice | Action
seen your flag on the marble arch
[voice--attempted filter away from Jilly Coppercorn, Elizabeth Swann, Cordelia Chase, Nami, and Buffy Summers. Jack is not so very clever at filters.]

HOla: Captain Jack Sparrow, here, with an opportunity for all you crafty nimblefingered types out there. Perchance do any of you know the fine art of poppetry? I need five devilishly attractive and cuddlesome mes to be ready for Christmas, when they shall be presented to certain blithe wenches what are deserving of them.

[Because what would any of these women desire more on that magical Christmas Morning than a Captain Jack Sparrow rag doll? He's sailing a bit near the wind with this request, of course. Jack has had some recent problems with dolls. But these, he reasons, will not be enchanted voodoo horror versions of himself.

No. Just snugglebuggablies. That will be their purpose. Perfectly safe. Perfectly perfectly safe.]

Additionally, some of you might recall that last season my ice fairy, Cirno, made a passable skating rink down by the barracks. Seems to me we could do with another; by Community Bodybox Whatsit Number Two, methinks. Nearish the river. Many hands make light work, a stitch in time, beware the number eleven, et cetera. Sparrow out.

[This message is hardly an altruistic one. Buffy loves to skate; therefore, an ice rink is desirable. Utilitarian, really. Selfish.

Anyone who might be wandering by C2 will probably find Jack beginning work on this ice rink. Of course, without a fairy to help it is going to be laborious.

Later on, he will be sneaking in a window at House Seven. There is a magnificent portrait hanging in that home, you see, and Sparrow needs to make sure that it is being dutifully displayed to its best effect.]

Fifth Tide Turning ☠ Action | Voice
It's a beautiful plan savvy?
Cut for Thinking and ActingCollapse )

Later, when the consultation with Paprika had ended, the pirate climbed to the attic of Cullen House to set his mind at ease: all of Katie's chalk drawings were still there. Safe. The Joanna Joyce? Safe. And so he made his way back to the village, squinting down at the inky lines scrawled across his palm before carefully wrapping one of his customary rags around it. Tying it tightly.

A bit later in the day, he will make a rather laconic announcement:


Anyone else need a drink? Good Spirits. Rum. Darts. Bet you're not as good as myself. A few friendly wagers? Everyone's invited. Now.


[[OOC: Chronologically, the thread with Paprika will be first.]]

Fourth Tide Turning ☠ Written | Video
I disdain all glittering gold
[Jack has been spending a great deal of time at House Seven, looking after Buffy. There are occasions though when he manages to slip off to Cullen House; he has to keep an eye on the place, after all, and is slowly but surely stocking up on necessary non-perishable supplies for the winter that he and Katie McCoy can share. Firewood. So many things have to be organized. Now that Jilly has come home to them, he has even more worries on his mind. He has to keep her safe, protect her, take care of her---but Cullen House and the Joanna demand attention, too, and Jack has also been concerned about Katie. She's been so very quiet lately--no sounds of gleeful stomping up in her attic.

Today was meant to be a quick trip back to the seaside to check that things are secure and the boat is safe, and all seems well. It's when Sparrow makes his way up to the attic and opens the door that a distinct feeling of this place is no longer occupied washes over him. It has that stale unopened smell of a room that has lain quiet for days, but more than that, it has the feel of a place abandoned. Colorful chalk drawings cover the walls: Jack sees himself rendered there, alongside a little girl with a pirate hat on her head. Other familiar faces adorn the whitewashed attic in a rainbow of chalk and whimsy. Ships and cats and stars and darker, ghoulish things: the same mixture of macabre and magic and curiosity and oddity that Katie, herself, was. A whiff of blood and mud and fancy and childish wisdom, all in one breath.

He has to stand there for a good ten minutes and let the loneliness of the room and the sadness of fulfilled promises and discharged debts wash over him. His cabin girl is gone. Cullen House is empty again.

Some time later---before the moon begins turning its ugly face---a written message, accompanied by a video of the chalk drawings of friends and enemies of Katie McCoy, is transmitted over the journals.

Unless you are familiar with the pirate's tidy, soldierly handwriting, you probably will not know that this is a message from Captain Jack Sparrow.

If you were friends with Katie or knew her well, you will probably see yourself drawn in chalk on this video.]


Dear Residents of Luceti,

Katie McCoy has been sent back to that mystical place from whence she erupted. She has left this mural behind, not for you all, but for herself: a reminder that she was here and that you meant something to her.


(Un)concerned Parties


Third Tide Turning ☠ Voice + Action
guilty as charged
[rather obnoxious voice]




Wait, wait it's...Murphy, how does it go, lad?

[There is the whinny of a very small pony in the background.]


I love this song! Avoid the bridges, ducks! Ducks and chickens! Ha! Hahahahahaha! And you too, Mother Carey!


Cut for MARAUDING ACTION. :OCollapse )

Second Tide Turning ☠ [Action]
do the funny walk
On this fair warm September afternoon, Captain Jack Sparrow can be found walking very slowly through town with a bunch of colorful floating balloons in his hand and a thick sheaf of papers under his arm.

Jack has set himself Three Tasks.Collapse )

First Tide Turning ☠ [action + marauding + voice]
stars seem to lose their place
Seems there's types about who'd make the village safe. Police; a village watch. They'll want prisons, next. A gallows.

Rather funny, that, considering the nature of the place, eh?

There's rogues about. Mind that; and if you can't, lock your doors.

Cut for actionCollapse )

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Return ☠ [accidental video/audio]
stones of faroe

Right, right, ladies, you'll each have your turn. Never thought you'd be this insistent on it, Angelica!

[OOC: Tags will PROBABLY mostly come tonight, a few this afternoon.]

13 Fathoms Down ☠ [voice + action]

There's been a change in the air here, in Luceti; I've felt it. Tia Dalma has been sent home. We're down one sea goddess, and a monkey-loving doctor as well. I've not seen John Watson about. Good on them, eh?

Mildmay-me-lad---time for some scraping. A gentleman does not keep the Joanna Joyce waiting at the high water mark.



[The Joanna Joyce has been beached at the high-tide mark, not far from the ruins of the fort. Sparrow, stripped to the waist with his hair bound back from his face in the customary red bandanna, is working like a demon. He is currently perched atop her, scraping away at the barnacle-covered hull. It didn't take long for the boat---so unused, for the most part, since Jack came back from the dead---to require this kind of maintenance. If Hellboy and Mildmay are about, they can help him with the maintenance and other repairs. The damage to the deck resulting from Hellboy, Keimi, and Jack's ill-fated voyage to the ruined underwater temple must be rectified.]


12 Fathoms Down ☠ [accidentally-on-purpose video]
drink it right from the well
[When the video feed clicks on, it reveals--by the soft glow of candlelight--Jack Sparrow sitting across from a slender woman with long, flowing auburn hair wearing a tight leather dress. She can only be seen from the back. In fact, that beautiful hair is definitely a feature of this video. The pirate's arms are firmly around her as he leans in for a passionate kiss.]

I love you, Jilly. Today and always, I love you.

[This would be Jack Sparrow's attempt to convince A Certain Death God that he is in fact madly in love with a Jilly, and that this Jilly should be the only person said Death God targets in her efforts to get to the pirate, thus protecting the real Jilly from harm. Especially since Grell has found him out. And also because it has been the personal mission of each of his closest companions to somehow entangle themselves with said death god of late.

This is the difficulty with friendship.

Of course, Jilly is a dressmaker's dummy stolen from All Passions, covered with a wig and tricky candlelight. The pirate has apparently reached Babylon after all. It's clearly the best plan ever.]

OOC: ETA: I should probably mention: this WILL look fairly real, especially to those who are not in the "know" about the plan. Jack's clever with disguises and such, and the brief length of the video plus the low lighting will add to it being fairly convincing. orz


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