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All Seven Seas

Captain Jack Sparrow
19 September
This is an RP journal for Luceti.

Relationships Post




On the History of Cullen House

Wing Color: Black

Canon Point: After AWE

"Myself, I was trained in the Italian style. The Italians take your passion, see? And they make it lethal. And then they pour wine and olive oil on top of it.
Deliciously lethal. That's Jack."

Mood theme by kohler. All uncredited userpics I made using screencaps from Maureen @ All Jack Sparrow.com.
an-agreeable-sense-of-the-macabre, anachronistic dropkick murphy fans, anachronistic jimmy buffet fans, anachronistic literary tattoos, and countless screaming argonauts, being the captain, blonds, bound for life, brunettes, children of the universe, derring-do, eunuchs, half-barrel hinges, hello beastie, immortality, infinite to venture, jars of dirt, keith-richards-in-a-coconut-tree, leverage, madness or brilliance, me effects, mountains of endless falling, mutinies, not being marooned, oh we have fun, piracy, pirata codex, pizarro's pies, redheads, rum, saucy wenches, sea turtles, stones of faroe, swords, the black pearl, thinking like the whelp, through the hurricane, trolling the doctor, up is down, your half